February 2019 - Toddlers Parent Cue



LUKE 18:15-16
Jesus tells the disciples to let the children come to Him.

Who loves you?
Jesus loves you.
BASIC TRUTH: Jesus wants to be my friend forever.


When you go into your child's room this month, say, "Good morning! Who loves [child's name]? Yes! Mommy/Daddy loves [child's name], and so does JESUS! Jesus loves [child's name]!"


As you drive, tell your child to look for big things. Each time he/she points out something big, say, "Jesus' love is bigger than a [name of object]!" Flip the roles so you name big things you see. Have your child say, "Jesus' love is bigger than a [name of object]."


Cuddle up wth your child this month and pray, "Dear God, thank You for giving us Jesus. Thank You that Jesus' love for us is SO big it will never, ever, EVER go away. Please help [child's name] always remember that Jesus loves him/her. We love You, God. In Jesus' name, amen."


Place your child in the bathtub as it is filling with water. Say, "Look! The water is getting deeper. It's touching your knees. It's getting deeper. It's touching your toes. It's getting deeper. It's touching your belly." As you bathe your child, say, "This water is deep, but Jesus' love is even deeper! His love is SO deep you can't touch the bottom of it! His love for you is THAT big!"

From Parent Cue:

By Cheryl Jackson

Life can be challenging and unpredictable. And, if you’re parenting a two-year-old, you’re guaranteed this year will have plenty of both. That sweet baby who used to cuddle in your arms has not only learned how to walk, but now he can run away from you—and fast. That little angel whose smile used to light up your world can now smile at you as she drops your phone—into the bathtub.

Personally, I’ve seen enough to know the phrase “terrible twos” wasn’t invented without reason. There are days in this phase when “terrible” may seem like the only word to characterize the state of your home, your schedule, and your patience. This is the phase when a toddler suddenly explodes with personality.

It’s the moment they fall to the floor screaming because you cut their sandwich the wrong way. Or you bring them the milk they asked for, and they realize they really wanted juice. Or you tell them they aren’t allowed to do that completely irrational thing they were just trying to do, and the world suddenly falls apart. Yes, you will have moments this year when you stare, wide-eyed, at the determined child in front of you and wonder, What am I supposed to do with this? . . .


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